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After stealing some equipment from the dwarves, the orcs decide to try some mining. You need to mine 50 Hydrogrossular crystals and get back to the drop pod.


The 7DRL build must use a controller. My apologies for this. I planned to add keyboard mode but ran out of time. The new builds have bad default keys and the ability to redefine them. The new key bindings are not saved and will need to be reset every time at the moment. All builds have the exact same gameplay.


Left stick - Moves

Right stick - Looks in that direction

Left trigger or L2 - Mining

Right trigger or R2 - Shooting

B or Circle button - Throw glowstick

A or PS4 X button - Select on start menu

Stop firing when out of ammo to reload.


Arrow keys - Moves

WASD - Looks in that direction

E - Mining

Space - Shooting

/ - Throw glowstick

Enter - Select on start menu

F12 - Toggle fullscreen

Stop firing when out of ammo to reload.

Windows Users

stonesolar_7drl.zip: This version doesn't start the server automatically. From the command line you need to run "stonesolar server". Then start the client and connect.

Linux Users

Linux build was quickly made due to the 7drl game jam. I have only run this on Fedora 35. It probably won't work for other distributions. I plan to correct this. You can always get the source and compile it yourself.


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stonesolar.zip 10 MB
stonesolar_7drl.zip 10 MB
stonesolar_linux_7drl.tgz 800 kB

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This was a great time. I love the tie/inspiration with DRG.